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Jancis Robinson fantasztikus értékelése a CZURDA Rieslingről - 17 pont

Frissítve: 2023. okt. 24.

Jancis Robinson fantasztikus értékelése a CZURDA Rieslingről - 17 pont. Így részben magasabb, mint a jó moseli rizlingek.

Full bottle 1,155 g. Screwcap. Ha Szárazon Szereted means 'If you like it dry'. From a vineyard that is just over 1 ha in Győrszemere. Planted with Geisenheimer clones on steep loess and limestone slopes, south facing, with warm winds. They pick late, by hand. Whole-bunch pressed and fermented in stainless steel slowly over six months with yeasts from the Mosel.TA 6.6 g/l, RS 5.5 g/l. 750 bottles produced. The producer, Hungarian-born Swiss Henrik Czurda, who is the Head of Bank-driven Innovation at the Swiss Stock Exchange, started this project as an experiment, realising a lifelong dream. It's actually a fascinating story – quite moving! Click on 'About me' and then 'Read more'.

Lime blossom on the nose and then a fabulous intersection of juicy apricot fruit, honeysuckle florals, nutmeg spices and crystalline, pristine acidity. It's a combination of succulent fruit, with just a hint of caramel and baked peaches, and spine-tingling precision and purity. There's a touch of texture on the finish, like fine, crushed tissue paper, which draws out the length. And then the finish leaves a cool pebble of minerality right in the middle of the mouth, rippling out like a skimmed stone on a glass-still lake. This is extraordinarily good! (TC)

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